Joss Whedon

No need for a clever catch phrase with this one, let alone a description but I will humor you with one anyway . As this blog moves & grooves along you will witness a bit of fandom, for Joss Whedon really is my master. He is my inspiration, my mojo, the force that keeps me flowing. He is all that is holy in my belief of things greater in this word. I know this is starting to sound a wee stalkerish but I must let you know what you have gotten yourself into by embarking on my mind’s inner workings. I love the man, he is my great white hope. He has made me who I am and if I ever get the chance to meet him, I’ll be sure to let him know. I’ve seen and read it all, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, comics galore from Firefly to Buffy, from Sugarshock to Angel, from Fray to X-men. He is the almighty and deserves this page of praise. This, however, will not be the only place you find his name or mentions of his works, soon will come the blogs, just you wait and see.

Oh, & if you mock, destroy, poke fun, or “hate” on my words or thoughts, may God help you if it turns out to be anything concerning the j man.

sas, lover of Joss.


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