Dear Neil Gaiman,

This is basically my love letter to you, sir.

I need you to know something. Something about the fact that what you do, or what you once did with a book called SANDMAN was something truly amazing. I’ve never known that a Comic Book could be as beautiful or radiant or inspiring or sheer poetry.

At one point in time, a time before I realized you were out there, there was one Comic Book that I thought was more than just colorful images with speech bubbles attached. That comic book was titled WATCHMEN, and i’m only assuming but I think you understand what I mean when I say that. But that all changed when your work was introduced into my life; it brought with it stories of reality and alternate reality, pain and love, weakness and strength. Things every story from the beginning of time needed and it had it all.

The characters you created were so lifelike, so well-rounded, thought out and envisioned. I could not begin to imagine how these people were created, how you thought up the stories of their lives and intertwined them with stories of others. You took them and made a life for them that was greater than what life could possibly be for any other creature, gave them this intense existence that the world and other worlds needed to survive. Placing them with other characters with a seemingly lesser importance but  still, your readers need those characters, we’ve begun to love them. Merv and Goldie to Cain and Abel, some being your pure creations to others being known throughout time but used with such care. Characters who are not solely people but even places, Fiddlers Green who is a jolly man and a beautiful land at the same time. A talking dog, passed down from sibling to sibling; a stick man with the head of a pumpkin always talking smack and mostly getting caught; there were friends and foes, loves and Nemesis’, anyone or thing you could imagine. But the places you created were nothing but perfect and dysfunctional all in one.

Each of the Endless had their own areas in which they were most comfortable, from a body with the heart exposed, to a jumbled bit of living colors. From the Dreaming, where Nightmares roam and friends abide, to a whiteness with millions of mirrored faces needing help. Nothing was ordinary or boring, I don’t think it ever could have been, it was so fantastic in so many different aspects. There were normal places, places we have all seen before somewhere; hotel rooms, conventions, mansions, attics, and travel agencies; they of course were all in the waking world. Everyone and everything had a spot in this wonderful story, even the little stories inside the bigger ones.

Storytelling had a huge part to play in SANDMAN, there was always someone telling a story whether it was an old man and his granddaughter or a group of mismatched travelers caught in a storm, there was always a story to tell. Those stories were never lost, they always meant something or had a connection to someone or something else. None were told for nothing , something you read one moment would come back and hit you in the face with reason. I will never forget your ability to TIE things together, never a loose end with you.

I just needed to let you know, from me, that SANDMAN was special. That real kind of special that doesn’t happen often, but it’s yours, and no one else’s. I hope you’re a proud man, you have every right to be; you created, in my opinion, a new way to see a Comic Book, as true honest literature. Maybe you weren’t the first to accomplish such a task but, to me, you’re one of, if not the, best.

Keep it up, for me and everyone in the world who knows exactly what I am talking about.

sas is not worthy.


~ by sasburgerr on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “Dear Neil Gaiman,”

  1. Great words about one my favorite *books* of all time. Well, you know that…

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