Whatcha Watch’n? How I Met Your Mother

Yeah, I watch “How I Met Your Mother” and no, not because it has Bob Saget does voice overs in it. I watch it for 2 main reasons,

Alyson Hannigan & NPH , better known as Neil Patrick Harris.

Yes, there happens to be other actors on the show, I am aware of this fact. Jason Segel, who also rocks, plays Hannigan’s lover. Now the other 2 actors, who are also main characters, grew on me pretty quickly. I have moved through this show extremely fast, just bought the 4th season which is the last one on DVD as the 5th is now currently playing. Give this show a shot and you really won’t be disappointed; from the Barney-isms to the group’s dynamic, it will become an instant classic. It has for me and I can’t live without it, and unfortunately all shows do come to an end, dammit.

sas heart HIMYM.


~ by sasburgerr on February 7, 2010.

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