Dear YOU, and your stupidity.

Dear Rob Zombie –

Once a upon a time, a long, long time ago, you were a  super cool, bad ass mamajamma, rock god made film genius. What the HELL happened? OH YEAH! You went back on your words, you ate them up and shat them out onto a film reel and then laughed maniacally, well probably. You once told us that Remakes weren’t your BAG, your THING, that they were wrong and you were against them. Something changed though, didn’t it? Something clicked in your brain one day, as you sat in your dark mansion of horror, snuggled on the couch with your popped corn in lap, watching the great and legendary “Halloween”. You then got the idea that would, and should have, ruined the image of you in your fan’s eyes forever. That day, you became a gigantic douche bag and hypocrite. It has taken me this long to say something about it but here I come. I am ashamed to think that I was once your fan, once dug your music, and once fell in love with your insanely murderous characters. Where did that Rob Zombie go? Can we have him back? Did your body get snatched? WHO ARE YOU?

Was that the end of that? Were you finished being an idiot? NOPE. I would call it a beginning , sounds about right doesn’t it? Once you got that taste of putting your signature on something someone else had already worked so hard to create and put out into the world as their own, you just needed to steal it, throw it back in their face. I doubt they needed your opinion on how they should have done it. You obviously figured that so you just did it your way and put your name on it, real nice. Classy.

Next up? The Blob, a pure classic, but does that stop you? Does that make you think, “hey, maybe I should leave this alone, its already as good as it can get.”. No, this thought obviously did NOT go through that little brain. Classic’s don’t interfere with your douche baggery, if it did we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. “Halloween” was a classic also and now forever changed. I would’ve liked to hope it would crash and burn and others would understand the outrage as I have but no, those idiots were amazed, by trash.

I lose faith in people more and more everyday. But I know there are people out there like me, people who cherish what we once had and become violently angry at what those things become now, in the golden age of the remake. Surprisingly enough, amazingly original things do still get made and by God, are we lucky.

You bastard Rob Zombie, you damn bastard.

boo you.


~ by sasburgerr on February 7, 2010.

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