Happy January Everybody

It’s official. 2010 has begun. I didn’t do anything special to ring in the New Year, besides the normal things I do that bring happiness to my being. Plus, I did travel to the North Side this afternoon to visit one of my favorite places in my general area, SHAKE IT Records. A record shop that is like a dream, it carries everything my heart desires, music, clothes, art, books, and all independent. Oh, did I forget to mention a shit load of insanely awesome Japanese items like, figurines, stickers, and stuffed animals. Seriously, ever visited Cincinnati? No? Because its a shit hole and your afraid you’ll get mugged and maybe killed? Yeah, I understand, well if you decide to grow some then check it out. So all in all, a good end to a horrible year. Looking forward to this January, the big 21 and the very first apartment. 2010, be good to me and mine, I beg of you.

Here, have some boosh.

(Oh, I’ve never told you about them? Soon my children, soon.)

sas likey the boosh boys.


~ by sasburgerr on January 1, 2010.

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