2010 = High Hopes.

I’m nervous about 2010. Just the fact of it being 2010 freaks me out a bit. How will it be pronounced? twenty-ten? 10′? Weird, just way too weird. But other than the weirdness of it all, it is a newness, a start of something, hopefully great.

This coming year will bring forth many changes, and I have high hopes I won’t be disappointed. I haven’t decided on a resolution yet or anything but I think it will have to do with being happy, taking every thing in, and not wasting any moments. This year will be about making memories, (please God, good ones.) It’s my “Grown Up” year, venturing out into the first-apartment-ever section of life. I’m really excited and nervous, but I know it will work out.

Plus, the beginning of this adventure will include re-watching Buffy & Angel, which should make our situation more than insanely enjoyable. I am ready for this change, for the responsibility and the happiness that will grow from it. Hopefully it will cause me to think about the other aspects of my life and help make all those things as good for me as they possibly could be.

Don’t fret, I am willing to take you with me through this journey. You never know, it may help you welcome change into your life.

The New & Improved Sas.


~ by sasburgerr on December 29, 2009.

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