(Bill) Murray Christmas Everyone!

Yes! It has come! And I know you are all curious as to what gifts I have received so far, well you’re in luck, I’m here to tell you and spread some kick-ass cheer.

So far – Money (WOO!), The next installment of Wormwood (righteous!), The Collectors Box Set of BTVS (giggidy), Socks (always nice), Oh and my first apartment EVER. 🙂

I’d say it’s shaping up to be a most awesome Christmas. I hope you agree.

Plus, it’s only Christmas EVE! Well, Christmas Morning if you want to be anal about it. (1:44 AM). Tomorrow I embark on a fantastic dinner with the BF & His Momie. Then with the Fams on Saturday for (another) not-in-time holiday this year. (Thanksgiving was 4 days early this year. Christmas, a day late).

As you can see the title of this here blog is what I call a “soon to be trend”. By next year Bill Murray will be the new saying, mark my typed words.

Well, whatever is going on in your life, like the drama that occurred in mine that I won’t spoil this beautiful work with, just remember it’s officially the one time of the year to be truly happy you exist, so don’t waste that precious moment.

Well Wishes & Happy New Year From SAS.


~ by sasburgerr on December 25, 2009.

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