HOLY SHIT! Dollhouse Convention.

Which of course I can’t go to because I live in a crappy convention country, AMERICA. Yes, all the good Conventions happen overseas in the UK. Of course there are good conventions to be found in our sweet home of liberty, and I have been to some, but any dealing with WHEDONVERSE actors & actresses usually take place in the U of K. Its really sad, really. It’s basically my DREAM to meet all those amazing people who make me love life and TV. But no, not yet, not right now, and probably not ever. In the future, if I dare make plans to go over to the mother country it WILL be at a time of a convention full of my favorite peoples, it will I tell you, it will…

OH YEAH! Totally check out this damn video for it, it’s probably the greatest thing I have ever seen attached to a convention, the music and the font really does it for me, makes me even more sad and pitiful.

aww sigh (sas)


~ by sasburgerr on December 23, 2009.

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