Grade-A Book Meat. Wormwood Gentleman Corpse

Creeptasticly awesome. Thats all this blog should really need to read. But of course, there must be more to it than that right! He is a WORM. Who lives in a CORPSE. The corpse happens to be a GENTLEMAN. Self explanatory and yet you’re still curious. It’s a great book, I’ve only had the chance to read through the first book but I will get the others, I promise. I love the book so much that I follow the author on Facebook & Twitter. Ben Templesmith is the name, if you’d like to stalk the man yourself, be my guest, ( ). I will warn you, he is a post-whore. He likes to talk, if ya know what I mean, idiot. Back to the subject of this damn blog, the book is good, you like it, really.

Did I mention he has a robot sidekick who he built and he likes to complain about not having his own wang? Well then.

sas digs the worm.


~ by sasburgerr on December 18, 2009.

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