Music that’s Not Vomit Inducing. BECK

So the boyfriend brought home Beck’s “Odelay” from the library this week and I must tell you, I miss listening to Beck. It’s probably the most “Hipster-ish” thing I could get away with. Hearing “Where It’s At” again was a real treat, I forgot how much I loved hearing that song when it first came out. With it came other fantastic songs I’ve never heard before, but soon became glad the library was willing to give it out. Favorite outside of “Where It’s At”, is probably the first track on the album, “Devil’s Haircut”. It has a great beat, vibe, and it plays over and over in my head all day now. So since the Cd was such a hit, it has been stolen and placed on my iPod, where it rightfully belongs. Because of this new found discovery, I might find myself dipping into the world of Beck a little deeper, I wonder what I will find…

sas like beck.


~ by sasburgerr on December 12, 2009.

One Response to “Music that’s Not Vomit Inducing. BECK”

  1. I love this CD.

    I also has ‘Golden Feelings’ and ‘The Banjo Story’.

    …try finding an original copy of those 😉

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