Grade-A Book Meat. Transmetropolitan

Like Hunter S. Thompson? Like crazy ass dudes doing crazy ass shit? Like thoughts of what our future may hold? Well you’ll love TRANSMETROPOLITAN. It is a graphic novel staring Spider Jerusalem, a Journalist quite like our very own Hunter S. Thompson. He thinks outside the box and he is way on the strange side. He’s filled with drugs, cigarettes, and carries his very own Bowel disruptor, and if your curious of what that might be? You’ll have to read on.

I have almost finished all there is to read with Transmetropolitan, which is really kind of sad because I love it so. If you have any interest in crazy adaptations of what our future holds, then for sure pick up a copy. This book will show you what our world will probably (semi) look like in so many years from now. Junkies littering the streets, politicians still being evil, and crazy shit on tv 24/7.  It is filled with amazing writing and will knock you off your seat with insane laughter. It’s a great comic, check it out!

sasypoo misses you, spider.


~ by sasburgerr on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Grade-A Book Meat. Transmetropolitan”

  1. Personally, I’m fond of the anti-cancer pills of the future where you take and then smoke all the cigarettes you want without risk.

  2. Anything Warren Ellis does is pretty much guaranteed to be gold. Check out That’s the free web comic he’s been doing for the past year or so. A bit different than Transmet, but still very very good.

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