Grade-A Book Meat. SANDMAN.

I’ll start with what I am reading at the moment, sounds simple enough. During this date and time, I am currently reading the SANDMAN graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. Extraordinary read, seriously, and yes even for a comic book. If you DON’T like comic books then shut this blog down and search for another one of mine that better suits your needs. I will tell you that I believe comic books are amazing, and even more so is that they seem to get children into reading at young ages. With the amount of people in today’s society that utters the words, “read? ew!” I would be glad if only they would end up choosing something, anything at all to give them the wonders that reading gives. Even a Comic Book.

Back to my original thought, SANDMAN is an EPIC comic in all senses of the word. I haven’t read a comic up to this stature since Watchmen by Alan Moore, which I have come to understand that Gaiman is a fan. Both artists base a lot of their books in England, which I find fascinating since well, I have a thing for that area, love me some Brits. It is dark and interesting, well written and colored beautifully. I saw inside the book before I had a chance to get my hands on it and the art ALONE made me interested. The colors are just so amazingly intense and almost frightening, absolutely chilling.

This story surrounds the character of DREAM or “Morpheus”, which is one of many names, who happens to be the lord of Dream. He controls what people dream, if people dream, and why people dream. He is related to Death, which is a female who looks like started a goth trend, 80’s style, which Dream also seemed to have followed her on that one. It’s about him escaping and doing all sorts of different crazy things. I am officially recommending it. My boy toy basically forced me to read it, seriously, FORCED, and I am glad he did. 🙂

I have just finished the 3rd book of 11, and I am riveted. I cannot wait to read on. I’ll keep you updated on the crazy awesomeness that is SANDMAN.



~ by sasburgerr on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “Grade-A Book Meat. SANDMAN.”

  1. Your boy toy is very smart. After Sandman you should try to get your hands on Lucifer by Mike Carey. It’s a spinoff featuring the Lucifer character from Sandman. It is absolutely outstanding. Also if you like Gaiman, read his novels. Especially “American Gods” and “Anansi Boys”. In that order.

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