Yet Again, Dollhouse RETURNS!

So, I started writing this on Saturday, and yes they aired on Friday, and no it wasn’t posted until Monday. I do not have the luxury of being off work on Friday’s at 9:00, or 8:00 for the double episodes. So, unfortunately I have to watch them Saturdays on, which is fine with me, as long as I don’t read anything about it on twitter or Whedonesque. And then of course I have to write this damn thing which takes me another day, jeeze get off my back.

Of course both episodes made me scratch my brain as to why it was yanked in the first place, but yes, I would be a bit on the bias side because of my love for Joss and all he does but still, come on people. Are you afraid? Afraid of the fact that the story is exciting yet scary, plus brilliant? You must not understand the concept they are going for since most of you sit at home and watch shows consisting of some jackass with sunglasses on in the middle of the night walking on to a crime scene being able to tell you everything you need to know within the first 5 seconds while cracking at least 10 obnoxiously retarded and ridiculous “jokes”. This, however, is not simple and to the point, it does not let you play detective to make an hour of your life seem exciting. It’s a great story, which are so incredibly hard to find anymore, since all we do now is recycle the same crap that came out the past decade. This was something new and exciting and interesting and yet a bit more complicated than you’d like. A little too slow for you explosion junkies, no, surprisingly enough the hot chicks alone won’t do it for you.

But before i rant this into the ground, the episodes were great, like most others, yes with the exception of the retarded pop star one, but Jed & Mo were trying damn’t, cut them some slack. These episodes were hardcore, on the edge of your seat with twists and turns and surprised even me. The Senator’s story got more intense, complicated, and interesting. Topher and Summer’s character’s interactions were sweet and thrilling, extremely entertaining especially with her evilness seeping through her librarian clothing. Her story was unexpected but intense, I enjoyed it a lot. Of course we can’t forget the OTHER Topher, or Victor by which he is normally addressed, he brought great humor, like he has been doing, a lot, lately. He is an incredible actor and is really, I mean really, showing his versatility. You would think the moment anyone saw a glimpse of an episode with him mimicking the mannerisms of Topher or even a skanky college girl would automatically fall for this show based on the comedy aspect it brings to the table alone. Oh well.

All in all it was a fantastic piece of television, both episodes were, and I can’t wait to see what happens next and of course, yet again I will have to watch it a day late and write about it 2 days late. It’s fine with me, I won’t complain while I am still able to watch new episodes of it. For now…

sas hearts Joss & Eliza


~ by sasburgerr on December 8, 2009.

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