Christmas Time is Approaching

I heart Christmas. It is fantazmicool. Brings back everything you USED to love about life that you no longer can feel or think or remotely believe actually took place in time EXCEPT for when Christmas time comes rolling around. It’s a healthy reminder of all things “Good”; friendships, relationships, family, neighbors, that good ol spirit that no ones feels or wants to feel at any other time of during the year. I love that. The fact that everyone who is truly an asshole on the inside decides to cut some slack once that first snow hits or that first sighting of flashing green and red lights is spotted. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone participates, there are Scrooges none the less, they are those people who are still busy killing and kidnapping and raping and beating. Christmas doesn’t stop those people and if you think about what I’ve already said, it makes you understand why. The reason everyone else gets chippy and cheery is it brings back childhood feelings and memories, things that are close to their hearts that they seem to forget the other 364 or so days in the year. Those people don’t have those memories, or else they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Sucks. But we press on, it’s not time to think of those things, like it is all those other days of the year, it’s about the “Good” stuff.

Which is nice.

Of course with this post you can figure there will soon be some sort of list of amazing Christmasy things, I’m already thinking about it. I can see it now…

sas love ubervamp-mutant-enemy-monster-guy-man.


~ by sasburgerr on December 8, 2009.

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