Ahh, If Only I Was A Child Again..

If I could possibly make that happen I would go back and watch Sesame Street. With the amazing people they seem to get to do the show now, I would be SIKED as a kid! Check it..

Like Adam Sandler explaining the word crunchy with one of the best characters ever, the Cookie Monster!

Or the king of hell and Satan’s hang out buddy, Jack Black, who of course if you have been reading this thing AT ALL can tell I am a Big Ass Fan of. So YEAH, if I could be a kid again, to be able to watch Jack Black explain and Octagon and have the mind and feelings of a child but actually know who he was, that would be insanely RADD.

Next time you notice Sesame Street is on, don’t automatically change the channel to a big person’s show, turn it on because you never know who might stop by…



~ by sasburgerr on December 7, 2009.

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