Whatcha Watch’n? Castle Edition

So if you have any detective skills whatsoever you would be able to find the reason behind the fact I am currently engaged in season one of Castle. Nathan Fillion! DER. Joss Whedon? Get the connection? Man you’re stupid.

Well any-who, yes, at this moment, as I type, I am taking on the challenge of watching a fantastic actor (Fillion), in a style of show that I am not BIG on (cop/detective/figuring out crimes), but I am trying to see past the entire premise of the show just to get my Nathan Fillion FIX. I will say, it has begun to grow on me, even that horrible, ridiculously  horrible, co-star of his, miss-short-lame-hair-annoying-woman-face person. I love most parts of it, the father-daughter thing is, of course, adorable and sweet, plus actually believable. This is a nice change for most TV shows on now a days, and the daughter herself is a really great tie-in, she takes care of herself and is turning out normal despite her living situation, you know, the dad is famous, grandmother is nuts, situation. Good for them for making a character who can stand on their on feet, even away from the cameras eye. Then you’ve got the alcoholic mother who is a crrrazy (yes, with 3 R’s), in the I-was-once-the-most-famous-woman-alive-on-stage role, flippin’ fantastico.

Not shocking, is the fact that Fillion MAKES that show what it is, he is charming and hilarious, while his co-star is bitchy and gives women the stereotypical label of “Yes, I like him, but I won’t admit it to absolutely anyone, not even myself, even MORE so not to myself.”, thankssss we needed that.

So that’s what we find happening so far, season one, she is totally in love with him and he is also quite smitten by her but they hide it, him behind revealing jokes, and her whining, bitching, and moaning. (Something else she gave to us women folk, yippie. barf)

Hey! Do you think this sounds interesting? Make NOTE, and give it a shot. I was taking my time deciding whether I was going to jump into that world or not but hey, the library had it. Relish in your Man-Crush for Fillion and pick up a copy or steal one or do what you need to do to see some Nathan F. action, He, at least, is WELL worth it.

(oh and by the way, worse music EVER. Always a horrible song in the beginning with someone being dead, sorry.)



~ by sasburgerr on December 5, 2009.

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