Uh yeah.

Just recently beat the fantastic Ghostbusters game, and what an amazing game it was. The characters ALONE made that game amazing! To have all those actors back in action just for us geek folk to swoon over, how thoughtful. My point? An amazing game I, and the BF, enjoyed playing immensely.

Next up, currently we are engaged in the playing of the new Batman game, Arkham Asylum, totally kick-ass.  No other real way to describe it than TOTALLY KICK-ASS. The fighting in that game would make any kid, not mature enough to be playing to begin with (shame), go out and wreak havoc believing with every fiber of being that they have the power to. Ah, to wish to be Batman, it’s the American Dream I tell you. Haven’t beat it yet, so of course the library will have to suffer and continue to let us take it for FOREVER if need be.

Recently, the Boy and I, went on a mini spree and bought a game each. I got a semi-old Tomb Raider game for Xbox, heck yeah who doesn’t love that Lara Croft. I have yet to get in “too deep”, only started to figure out my way through the Mansion, like any respectable tomb-fan would do. The Boyfriend got the new Watchmen game, which he yet to break out of the box, so hopefully he will soon and i’ll let you know my thoughts.

Shocked? Appalled? well don’t be, man do I love me some video games. The more I play/buy, the more I will write about them, keep posted on my slackerism.



~ by sasburgerr on November 26, 2009.

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