Watcha Watchn’ SCTV Edition

Comedy is important to the way we live, it keeps a light feeling in our hearts and shines on the darkness of our realities. There have been many different kinds of shows that showcase talents of the comedy kind, and lately I have been witnessing one of the greats. No, not SNL, though a hilarious show in its early days, but instead, SCTV. A Canadian show with some fantastic people, who you will come to realize you know more than you’d think. Remember the dad from the American Pie movies? Yes, Eugene Levy, he is on it, and one of my favorite parts is one of his, Mel’s Rock Pile. Then you have the wonderful John Candy, which if you don’t know who he is, you probably need to dig yourself out of that dumpster you’ve been living in the past decade. Some other great actors, like Rick Moranis, yes, the dude from Ghostbusters, (and speaking of Ghostbusters, you’ll notice a young Harold Ramis on the show occasionally), you can see him as Gerry Todd, on the Gerry Todd Show, and other characters as well. With them you have Catherine O’Hara, a super funny lady and some other really great people who make this show one you should really check out, since I doubt most of you have ever heard of it. I even hear Martin Short is on the show but I haven’t quite made it that far, but I’ll keep you posted.



~ by sasburgerr on November 22, 2009.

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