Whatcha Watch’n? the Gilmore Edition

Glad you asked,

You see, at the moment I am putting on a “Gilmore Girl” marathon to be stretched as far as the Library can allow me, (Yes, i occasionally Borrow, yet I am an avid Owner). As of this very second, i am embarking on the second season, around episode 6. Used to watch this show with me Mums, great thoughts fill my head of bonding and laughter, i do miss it. But now the journey has come back and with me this round is the boyfriend! Yes, shocking, I know! A male who watches the Gilmore Girls without brunt force trauma & duct tape.  He adores it, and would still hold true to his “guy” ways and be a smidgen’ embarrassed by my telling of this tale. Oh well.

It’s a wonderful, magical show that I enjoy immensely, as would any of you who would take the leap and decide to open your heart to the quick-witted mother daughter duo. I’ll keep you posted on my travels through this lighthearted dimension called Stars Hallow. Until then, my fellow internet geeks.

– sas


~ by sasburgerr on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “Whatcha Watch’n? the Gilmore Edition”

  1. Yes, the Gilmore Girls is quality programming. I have no patience for jam hands!

    Destroy your computer after reading.

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