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Missing You Andy.

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Today, just a single year ago, an amazing soul was taken from this world. Andy Hallett was a fantastic singer and actor who I was not lucky enough to be able to meet. I do not feel left out since I, like many people in the world, got to experience him just the same. We all watched him in awe as he sang his beautiful songs and interacted on a show we all loved so much aside such amazing people. He was just where he belonged, with friends who loved him dearly and in front of tons of his loving fans. He was taken at such a young age, of 33, he had so very much to give and before he left us all, he did give us a show we will never forget. I just wanted to make sure, on this day, I said something about this beautiful man, that I have loved for so long.

I miss you Andy and Hope you’re up there singing over us all your songs of Happiness with sea breeze in hand.

Sas misses you, babycakes.

Dear Neil Gaiman,

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This is basically my love letter to you, sir.

I need you to know something. Something about the fact that what you do, or what you once did with a book called SANDMAN was something truly amazing. I’ve never known that a Comic Book could be as beautiful or radiant or inspiring or sheer poetry.

At one point in time, a time before I realized you were out there, there was one Comic Book that I thought was more than just colorful images with speech bubbles attached. That comic book was titled WATCHMEN, and i’m only assuming but I think you understand what I mean when I say that. But that all changed when your work was introduced into my life; it brought with it stories of reality and alternate reality, pain and love, weakness and strength. Things every story from the beginning of time needed and it had it all.

The characters you created were so lifelike, so well-rounded, thought out and envisioned. I could not begin to imagine how these people were created, how you thought up the stories of their lives and intertwined them with stories of others. You took them and made a life for them that was greater than what life could possibly be for any other creature, gave them this intense existence that the world and other worlds needed to survive. Placing them with other characters with a seemingly lesser importance but  still, your readers need those characters, we’ve begun to love them. Merv and Goldie to Cain and Abel, some being your pure creations to others being known throughout time but used with such care. Characters who are not solely people but even places, Fiddlers Green who is a jolly man and a beautiful land at the same time. A talking dog, passed down from sibling to sibling; a stick man with the head of a pumpkin always talking smack and mostly getting caught; there were friends and foes, loves and Nemesis’, anyone or thing you could imagine. But the places you created were nothing but perfect and dysfunctional all in one.

Each of the Endless had their own areas in which they were most comfortable, from a body with the heart exposed, to a jumbled bit of living colors. From the Dreaming, where Nightmares roam and friends abide, to a whiteness with millions of mirrored faces needing help. Nothing was ordinary or boring, I don’t think it ever could have been, it was so fantastic in so many different aspects. There were normal places, places we have all seen before somewhere; hotel rooms, conventions, mansions, attics, and travel agencies; they of course were all in the waking world. Everyone and everything had a spot in this wonderful story, even the little stories inside the bigger ones.

Storytelling had a huge part to play in SANDMAN, there was always someone telling a story whether it was an old man and his granddaughter or a group of mismatched travelers caught in a storm, there was always a story to tell. Those stories were never lost, they always meant something or had a connection to someone or something else. None were told for nothing , something you read one moment would come back and hit you in the face with reason. I will never forget your ability to TIE things together, never a loose end with you.

I just needed to let you know, from me, that SANDMAN was special. That real kind of special that doesn’t happen often, but it’s yours, and no one else’s. I hope you’re a proud man, you have every right to be; you created, in my opinion, a new way to see a Comic Book, as true honest literature. Maybe you weren’t the first to accomplish such a task but, to me, you’re one of, if not the, best.

Keep it up, for me and everyone in the world who knows exactly what I am talking about.

sas is not worthy.

muffintops with muttonchops

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So we are about to embark on the adventure known only as web-television. Bitchin’ right? We have decided, last night, that since D’s new laptop comes fit with a webcam, the world is ready for in your face awesomeness – in the kick ass package of US. So as soon as we create a damn name for ourselves, keep a sharp eye out for us, and you’ll of course be able to get to it through here.

On another note, this week I have brought something old back into my life that I have been dearly missing and found something fantastic and new, well 2 new fantastic things.

Missing Thing = SPICE GIRLS.

Yeah, thats right. The girls are back. In my life anyway, and they are flooding my Ipod like crazy and I couldn’t be in more of a good mood as I blare it as loud as possible. (anytime the boyfriend is out anyway. :/)

New Fantasticness’s?

Keepon – The cutest robot on the planet here to save our Autistic children for the low low price of 30 Grand. NICE. Check it out on YouTube. Plus, the little guy DANCES, & to GOOD MUSIC! (Spoon – Don’t You Evah)

Mike Mitchell – Fantastic artist behind the “I’m with Coco” pictures. You can find more beautiful masterpieces of strangeness here – – but really, the guy is a genius and I want to be just like him when I grow up and grow the balls to do art. 😀

Well, thats it for now. Catch you on the flip side.

|SAS |

(Damn, Canada ROCKS.)

Jesus Christ the Zombie Slayer.

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Yeah, I am in need of something. Some life changing deal that will cause me to be a little more care free and a little less INSANELY CRAPY and mopey.

We are getting back into the grove of things, production company-wise. We just did our first of many films as CMP – Classy Moon Productions. Wrapped a training video for our work place, ah, sell outs aready but hey its a gig. It has a mad scientist feel with old training video aspects, right and wrong, according to professor wright. Hopefully this jump starts us back into the real game of our 3 films we started in 09′.

We have also made a pact with each other, the boyfriend and I. We are going to move to California in 5 years. Saving up and making things happen, its very exciting. We just got to keep our momentum going.

Dear YOU, and your stupidity.

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Dear Rob Zombie –

Once a upon a time, a long, long time ago, you were a  super cool, bad ass mamajamma, rock god made film genius. What the HELL happened? OH YEAH! You went back on your words, you ate them up and shat them out onto a film reel and then laughed maniacally, well probably. You once told us that Remakes weren’t your BAG, your THING, that they were wrong and you were against them. Something changed though, didn’t it? Something clicked in your brain one day, as you sat in your dark mansion of horror, snuggled on the couch with your popped corn in lap, watching the great and legendary “Halloween”. You then got the idea that would, and should have, ruined the image of you in your fan’s eyes forever. That day, you became a gigantic douche bag and hypocrite. It has taken me this long to say something about it but here I come. I am ashamed to think that I was once your fan, once dug your music, and once fell in love with your insanely murderous characters. Where did that Rob Zombie go? Can we have him back? Did your body get snatched? WHO ARE YOU?

Was that the end of that? Were you finished being an idiot? NOPE. I would call it a beginning , sounds about right doesn’t it? Once you got that taste of putting your signature on something someone else had already worked so hard to create and put out into the world as their own, you just needed to steal it, throw it back in their face. I doubt they needed your opinion on how they should have done it. You obviously figured that so you just did it your way and put your name on it, real nice. Classy.

Next up? The Blob, a pure classic, but does that stop you? Does that make you think, “hey, maybe I should leave this alone, its already as good as it can get.”. No, this thought obviously did NOT go through that little brain. Classic’s don’t interfere with your douche baggery, if it did we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. “Halloween” was a classic also and now forever changed. I would’ve liked to hope it would crash and burn and others would understand the outrage as I have but no, those idiots were amazed, by trash.

I lose faith in people more and more everyday. But I know there are people out there like me, people who cherish what we once had and become violently angry at what those things become now, in the golden age of the remake. Surprisingly enough, amazingly original things do still get made and by God, are we lucky.

You bastard Rob Zombie, you damn bastard.

boo you.

Whatcha Watch’n? How I Met Your Mother

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Yeah, I watch “How I Met Your Mother” and no, not because it has Bob Saget does voice overs in it. I watch it for 2 main reasons,

Alyson Hannigan & NPH , better known as Neil Patrick Harris.

Yes, there happens to be other actors on the show, I am aware of this fact. Jason Segel, who also rocks, plays Hannigan’s lover. Now the other 2 actors, who are also main characters, grew on me pretty quickly. I have moved through this show extremely fast, just bought the 4th season which is the last one on DVD as the 5th is now currently playing. Give this show a shot and you really won’t be disappointed; from the Barney-isms to the group’s dynamic, it will become an instant classic. It has for me and I can’t live without it, and unfortunately all shows do come to an end, dammit.

sas heart HIMYM.